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Okanagan Fire

Okanagan Mountain Park Fire

On August 16 th 2003 at 2 am an early morning lightening storm sparked a fire on Rattle Snake Island, a few kilometers southwest of Kelowna B.C., following a long period with no rain. The fire spread very fast through Okanagan Mountain Park towards Kelowna.

On the 16 th of August 2003 at 8pm the authorities announced on evacuation alert to the south end of Lakeshore Road, Timberline Road , Rimrock Road and Swick Road in Kelowna. By midnight we had evacuated all of our goats to Sumaq Valley Alpacas in southeast Kelowna . On August 17 th we received an evacuation order and left our house. The fire was spreading very fast through Okanagan Mountain Park.

On August 21 st Timberline Road was on fire and our goat cheese farm that was being built and almost completed completely burnt down to ashes and our house was damaged.

We came back to our house on September 5 th 2003 , almost three weeks after we were evacuated.

In early October we started to rebuild our goat cheese farm. On February 21 st 2004 our first batch of cheese was ready.

In early May 2004 our cheese shop on the farm was open. During the Okanagan Mountain Park Fire, 238 houses were burnt down. No one lost their life due to the Okanagan Fire, but the entire Okanagan Mountain Park burnt – more than half a million acres. We should not forget that many wild animals lost their lives during this horrible wild fire.