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This genre of goat’s cheese is very simple to make, requires no ripening/aging to create and does not change in character throughout its “life”. These cheeses are extremely versatile and can be tucked, stuffed, spread, crusted, crumbled or emulsified into any dish; sweet or savory.

Chevry Plain

The most famous of goat cheeses! “Chevre” is French for “goats cheese” and our plain variety will be the most familiar among you. Deceivingly delicious, our Chevry Plain is smooth and paired finely with compotes, jams, scrambled eggs or any dish/herbs of your choosing.

Chevry Dill & Onion

Our most popular cheese for any newcomer or cheese aficionado, our Chevry Dill & Onion is delightfully simple. Try it with a morning bagel or blended generously into your secret mashed potato recipe.

Chevry Provence

A delicate combination of the Herbes de Provence, (thyme, tarragon, rosemary and lavender) make this cheese a must for casual wine pairing or a masterful charcuterie board.

Carmelis Feta

Our Feta is traditional in flavor and style to the famous Greek Feta. It can be sliced, cubed, or crumbled for traditional and /or innovative dishes. It gives us great pride to provide to you, a consistent and delicious Feta with such a creamy texture. If you like feta, you’ll love ours.



If you’re looking for something a little stronger than Chevry’s but not as sharp as our Blue, then this style of cheese may entice your palette and be just the one for you. Stylistically similar to Brie’s and Camembert’s, these small rounds are always aging getting creamier, sharper and aromatic in your fridge. Best enjoyed at room temperature.


Named for its heavenly texture and taste, with a light exterior and simplistic purity. Subtle floral tastes finish light and tart with an almost crumbly texture, rich and creamy with distinctive goats milk aromatics (ripened). Most popular with our French visitors as this cheese is similar in texture and taste to the most beautiful of the French soft ripened goat’s cheese.


Distinctive to the eye with its ash coating and slightly molted surface. Ash you ask? Kiln charred root vegetables into ash and used traditionally in French cheese making and imported to our dairy for your cheese tasting enjoyment. Misty has beautiful floral notes followed by delicate fermented taste of white wine or ale. Crumbly and slightly tart (young); becomes more bold, earthy and creamy, but never sharp (ripened).


Related visually and characteristically to the French ‘Chabichou’ with its blooming, sometimes mottled white surface it has a fresh, sweet, mild flavor with a fun tangy finish(young); becoming piquant and nutty with a wonderful yet surprising heated finish (ripened) . Texture begins mild and crumbly again, grows creamy and rich as it ripens.

Blue Velvet

A seasoned veteran at Carmelis, Blue Velvet has quickly grown to the masses  with it’s ultra creamy texture and mild tone. Whether food or wine is your vice, blue velvet’s versatility and cross section is serious competition for all other camembert’s.



Aged anywhere from 2 weeks to a year or more, these larger and firmer wheels are placed in our cellar to build character. As beautiful as they are culturally defined, this is cheese making at it’s core.


Swiss Gruyere Style in design with this sweet, fruity perfume that carries through on the palate with richness and nutty subtleties and finishes long with a pinch of heat. Beautiful fondue cheese melts marvellously or enjoy simply with a local Chardonnay or dry red wine. Mild- up to 8 months or Stronger- 1+ years.


This firm cheese is perfect for the Gouda lovers. A smooth nuttiness flavor with slight bite in it’s finish. Perfect on its own or the gourmet cheese burgers on grill.

Smoked Carmel

Follows all structural identity, identical to Carmel, but is liberated by its radical smokin’ sharpness. A healthy alternative to bacon and other smoked meats to crown spinach or Caesar salad, pasta, soup or ‘smokin’ gourmet pizza.


Our signature Blue Cheese is characteristically correct with a crumbly, yet rich texture and its ‘gonzola’ like sweetness, nuttiness, earthiness then finishes sharp and spicy. A Canadian cousin to Europe’s Blues Brothers (Roquefort and Gorgonzola). Pairs well with local late harvest, Ice or Port styles wines